River Rafting in Cagayan de Oro

River rafting is one of the reasons why tourists visit Cagayan de Oro. This is one of the best adventures I tried in my life. At first, I felt a bit scared because I don’t know how to swim and the rapids looks very overwhelming.

Our family booked at First River Rafting, one of the rafting enterprises in Cagayan de Oro where we paid 700 pesos per person. They also have an official photographer for your entire adventure where you will only have to pay for the CD at 150 pesos. Before the rafting adventure, they provide us with helmets and paddles and gave us an orientation on what to do in case the raft will tip over and many other things. The entire rafting experience is 3 hours but that depends on the rapids.

As I get into the raft, all my fears was gone and I was getting more excited. The cold water also set the mood to really enjoy the adventure.

The adventure was getting more exciting as we have to experience 14 major rapids. As we passed by the first, second, the third… I was even more excited and I kept on wanting for more rapids.

The entire rafting experience was fun. It was truly worth it. I did not just experience having fun with the rapids but I also got to see the beauty of Cagayan de Oro and some little creatures during the rafting.

If somebody would invite me to have another rafting adventure, I would surely say yes!

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