The Hong Kong Food Guide – the City Of A Thousand Restaurants



Hong Kong is not only known as one of Asia’s centres for finance, but also as a great place for food. With so many tourists arriving each year and so many restaurants, it is possible to eat out truly cheaply as the competition to attract customers is fierce. These days eating out is a far more civilised experience, and even the smallest of establishments accept credit cards. So why is it that so many Hong Kong citizens stick to their favourite restaurant when there is so much choice? Here, are some fabulous places to eat that might help residents to try out something new.

In Wellington Street, the Lin Heung Tea House might be worth a visit. This is not the place to go for a romantic dinner, as the loud ambience gives this restaurant an authentic feel. Dim-sums and yum cha delicacies are second to none here, and the opening hours from 6am to 11pm are ideal for the busy business man.

If you want to eat noodles, then stay on wellington and visit Mak’s Noodle Limited. Here, you will find terrific prices, the best Won Ton Noodles in the city and unpretentious decor.

Above & Beyond boasts an incredible view of Victoria Harbour and food that is subtle, original and mouth-watering. Here, Cantonese dishes are refined into an eating event that you can only find in this restaurant. I recommend the marinated shredded chicken. The combination of good food with a panoramic view adds up to a great night out after a full working week.

Last but not least of my choices is The Chairman. The location of this restaurant is within a few streets of the busiest part of the city’s central district. It was opened in 2009, and the cuisine was aimed at the touristic market, so many Hong Kong residents might not have given it a second look. You will not find any MSG in the food here, but the quality of cooking makes it an essential eatery to visit. Top of the list on this menu is the steamed flower crab, which is closely followed by an unforgettable smoked baby pigeon.

If you are a little bored with the usual weekend trip to your preferred eating place, why not try out one or all of the above, or discover somewhere for yourself. How can you not want to break out of the monotony of the tried and tested and find something new? In a city of a thousand excellent eating places, don’t you owe it to yourself?

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  1. I absolutely love hong kong, I need to visit there again soon. Like you said, the food is amazing and I really miss it!

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