What’s the Right Travel Bag for You?

One of the important things you need to consider when traveling is to find the right travel bag to help you get to your destination without any hassles.

In my case, I prefer to bring a spacious bag during my travel. I like a bag that has wheels and strong handles so I can easily be maneuver it from place to place. However, I also use other bags depending on what type of travel I am into.  Here are some of the bags which you might consider for your next travel.


Backpacks have always been very popular for most travelers especially to those who travel light. My husband loves to use backpacks in his travels because it’s very easy to carry around and it can store a lot of things. The only downside of using a backpack is that it will make your clothes being a bit squashed but it isn’t a big problem at all. Just don’t over-pack it.

You can also opt to use a wheeled backpack if you feel that it will be heavier and uncomfortable for you to be carrying it in your entire travel. A laptop backpack is also best if ever you will be carrying along your laptop.

Backpack Reviewer have a great list of reviews of the best backpacks for travel.

Luggage Bags and Suitcases

luggage bag

If you’re traveling to countries or places where you will be spending short holidays, suitcases are perfect travel bags for you. I suggest that you buy a durable suitcase so you won’t end up having suitcases with no wheels or handles.

Duffle Bags or Weekend Bags

Duffle bags are great to use especially on weekend vacations, overnight trips and road trips. These kinds of bags make your belongings easy to access. Similar to a backpack, they are also lightweight and are easy to carry.

duffle bag

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are a good option for anyone who can travel super light.  These include satchels, totes, cross-body bags and briefcase. These are great for short trips and weekend vacations.

REI also have a fantastic video about how to choose a backpack for backpacking that you may find helpful when looking for a backpack for your travels.

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  1. I have always liked north face backpacks and usually go with them for most of my backpack needs, unless I can get something even better on offer!

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